TimeCareinc.com - Shipping Repair Order Form

Print clearly. Please complete, sign and send this form with your watch.

City:______________ State:________ Zip:______________
Home Phone:____________ Work Phone:______________
Cell Phone:______________ Email Address:________________

Watch Brand:_____________________ Model:_____________________________

Watch Metal ( gold, silver, stainless):_____________ Serial#:_________________

Type of band( leather, metal ):___________________________________________

Description of watch (color of dial, bezel, sapphire crystal, acrylic etc.):

Repair request: clean oil and adjust, crystal, tube crown, refinishing etc.
Describe what problems you are having in detail:_____________________________

When was last service?_____________________

Is watch running now? Yes or No:______

Please pack all watches in foam or bubble wrap in boxes only.
Send watch only and completed watch repair form, no manufacturers boxes.

Declared Value - this is the amount that we will use to send watch back to you: $_________
If sending more than 1 watch include repair form for each watch.

Please send to the following address:

Time Care Incorporated
4474 SW County Road 18

Ft. White, Florida 32038

Phone number: 727-215-8870
Fax: 727-392-8793
Email: rikki.234@hotmail.com

Thank You!