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The Equipment I use for watch cleaning is the Elmasolvex RM completely automatic cleaning machine for cleaning watch movements and other mechanical precision parts with solvent based cleaning and rinsing media.

When I detail the cases and bands, I used a L&R T 28B ultrasonic cleaning machine. I also use various hand buffing machines and tools in addition to a large double spindle buffing machine for the larger parts.

For water resistance, I use a Sigma SM 8850 dry tester for testing to 10 atmospheres and a Bergeon 5555 wet tester down to 6 atmospheres.

My timing machine is the Witschi Chronoscope X1 with automatic head capable of 6 position timing as well as Co Axial timing.

I use a Roxar Natator 125 wet watertesting machine capable of testing to 4200 feet - required for testing the Rolex Sea Dweller and Submariner sport watches.

Each watch that is watertested up 350' will get a printer certificate. Watches over 350' will get a Time Care Inc. receipt stating proper depth achieved for your records.

Feel free to click on the pictures below to see details of my office and equipment.




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